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A: Around $100 for a new one. You can put it on yourself.

Q: How much does it cost to replace a 97 ford explorer driver side mirror?
my passenger side mirror on my ford explorer was stolen, how much would it be to replace? Installation included. Their power mirrors

A: Go to a junk yard you’ll get it there for 40 bucks at the most but you have to put it on yourself unles you want to take it to a garage

Q: what is the life expectancy of a ford explorer?
we have the opportunity to get a free ford explorer, 10 years old/100,000 miles. do ford exlporers last a while, how are they on maintenence when they are this old?
the explorer would be a secondary car. right now our secondary car is a 96 toyota tercel with 170,000 miles on it. guess the main thing i want to know is, would it be better for us to keep the toyota for a secondary car or the explorer?

A: A car will last as long as you will let it. If you change the oil on time and make sure easy things like the timing belt, filter, tires etc are all in good shape, then it should run just fine. Gas won’t be as good as your Tercel, but that’s expected obviously with more capabilities and a bigger engine.

Mine’s a ‘99 with 67,000 miles (YES I know, hardly broken in!) and the only problems that it has ever needed to be taken to the shop for was a bad thermostat and a multifunction switch, which neither were cheap but when it comes to car repairs they are one of the cheaper repairs.

Q: How much would it cost to get a rod fixed on a 97 Ford Explorer?
I believe a rod blew out of my 97 ford explorer, about how much would it cost to have it replaced?

A: More than the vehicle is worth. It would be less expensive to replace the engine with a short block than it would be to rebuild your engine.
You are looking at more than 2k

Q: Are there ways to make a Ford Explorer more fuel efficient?
I’m doing a cross-country drive with two people this summer and we’re taking my friend’s Ford Explorer (a 96). I know gas is going to be ridiculous, and I was hoping that there are a few ways to increase the fuel efficiency so we only go partially broke. :-)

Any suggestions?


A: Keep the tires inflated to the max pressure indicated on the tire. Make sure your air filter is clean, spark plugs are fairly new, and change the oil (just good practice anyway). Use cruise control when safe to do so, and keep it under 70. Accelerate gradually. If it’s hot, keep the windows closed and run the a/c, it’s more efficient than having the extra wind resistance of the windows open. I have a ‘99 Explorer with the 4.0 V6 and average 21mpg with my daily drive of 25 miles each way to work, though there are very few stops and a 55mph limit on my route. Good luck.

Q: Why is there a shortage of Ford Explorer radiators?
We have a 2006 Ford Explorer(AKA Junk) that has a leaking radiator and the deler can not find one anywhere. They tell me that they are on back order as much as 5000+.

A: Call —1-800-RADIATOR… They will have one of those …it will be aftermarket but has a good warranty…and will fit properly..
Or try this link—>>

Q: I have a 1998 ford explorer sport. I need to replace the rear sub woofer speaker?
I have a 1998 ford explorer sport. I need to replace the rear sub woofer speaker?

Does anybody know what size it is and perhaps the best replacement? I spoke to ford on the phone and they tell me they have no idea.

A: i would have to say youre screwed i think your best bet would be to check in to mtx thunderforms or jl audio stealthboxes for replacement otherwise if you want to remain factory pull it out take it in to the dealership and have the model/part number searched good luck hope this helps

Q: What makes nissan pathfinder better than ford explorer?
Looking to buy one or the other, a 1996 through 2000, people tell me nissan pathfinder is better, want to know why these models are better than the ford explorer.

A: The Nissan is better because:

-more reliable
-holds its value better
-put together better – higher quality materials
-better motor, unless the Ford has a V8
-better looks
-better off road if needed – better handler on road
-the whole Firestone Fiasco w/ Explorers

To be fair, the Ford has some advantages:

-cheaper to repair
-plenty of parts
-same model year cheaper vs pathfinder
-better straight line/highway ride
-V8 offered
-more towing capacity

Q: How do you get the subwoofer out on a 1998 ford explorer?
How do you get the subwoofer out on a 1998 ford explorer?

It’s in the factory installed spot in the rear quarter panel, and I took out all the screws and even ripped apart the entire speaker, but yet something is holding in on in the rear, and I can’t get to it. Has anybody else had this problem? Do I need to take apart the entire interior just to reach it?

A: unplug the wires.

Q: How do I get the front panel off my 2000 Ford Explorer to replace the speaker?
The speaker in the passenger door of my 2000 Ford Explorer xlt has blown. I can’t seem to find any way to get either the panel or the mesh grill over the speaker off.

A: The entire door panel comes off; you can’t just remove the mesh. Look for screws behind the door pull handle. There may also be a removable panel behind the door release lever, with a screw underneath.

If you’ve found and removed all the screws, the trick is that the door panel needs to be lifted straight up to remove it from the door. Don’t try prying it away or you’ll break the tabs.

Q: How do you replace the center console of a 2000 Ford Explorer XLT?
I just bought a 2000 Ford Explorer XLT and I want to know how to replace the center console. On the back of the console, it has a control center to control the radio and the air. Is it going to be hard to replace? Do you just unscrew it, or do you pull it out? Please help!

A: im not really sure on the 2000 explorer but i know with my 94 explorer when i take apart anything all i have to do is take out all the screws, you should be able to take some of the parts out (change holder and such), when you get to the electronic parts there shopuld be enough room to push the controls through. some of them have a clip that you can lift and it can come out as one. my only other advice would be to go to a part store and pick up a Haynes manual, they run about $15. hope this helps

Q: Is it possible to install automatic headlights in a 2004 Ford Explorer?
I just purchased a used 2004 Ford Explorer, and I noticed that it does not have automatic headlights, but the manual shows that it is an option. Is it possible to install this later? It would help me greatly. Thanks in advance!

A: An after-market relay is available. Check with Ford if you can upgrade with factory parts; then go to AutoZone or O’Reilley.see if they can get.

Q: What are some adjustments I can make to the engine of my 1997 Ford Explorer?
I have a 1997 Ford Explorer 5.0L V8 AWD. I want to make some adjustments to the engine to increase the power and horse power. I have heard of something the explorer has that is used in the mustang but the mustang one you have to buy and for the explorer, its already in there. I want an inexpensive way to increase horsepower and i Know i can for this car, but how? Thanks!

A: here are the simple and easiest improvement for your 5.0, first K&N air filter, more HP? go w/ K&N air induction, now you are breathing better, next get rid of the waste(exhaust) X pipe or dual exhaust, also dump the cats if your state does not require emission testing, then any high flow muffler, then the next step burn all that new fuel completely, larger plug wires, brass/copper distributor cap and a hotter coil (msd), the last thing would be a power chip for the computer, these are my simple mods i offer all the time!!

Q: headlights on my ford explorer sport 1998 wont work unless i hold the high beam down what could that be?
got a ford explorer today that i traded for…i have to hold my blinker button so that my high beams are on but my lows wont work what could that be besides a fuse?

A: Sound like it is your switch in your column.

Q: What kind of stereo can i get for my 1997 Ford Explorer?
I don’t like my current stock in-dash stereo. I want to upgrade, but I have no idea wheere to begin. The slot where it fits seems much larger than the size of the stereos i see when i look for some online. Is there a compatibility number i can use to search with? Can anyone recommend a good product for my ‘97 Ford Explorer, or even a good website to buy one. Please don’t just leave a website, please only respond if you can answer my original question. Thank You!

A: you can get any stereo. Custom stereos all are smaller, so they fit. With all of them, you have to get an installation mounting kit thing and wireing harness also. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. You can get these things at Walmart and many other places.

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